Guidelines for using Hukmy

Hukmy allows user to participate in different ways, including reviews, photos, videos, votes, tips and more. Please read the guidelines below for the type of content you might contribute to the site.

  • Promotional Content: If you are not using your Professional Account to add content, promotional contents are not acceptable.
  • Privacy: Other people’s private information should not be publicized. Please do not post photos and videos of others without their permission, and unless the service providers commonly share their full names and are identified by them, please do not post their full names.
  • Relevance: please make sure your participation is relevant to the forum. Reviews are not for sharing a business’s recruitment process, employment opportunities or any other matter that doesn’t address the consumer experience with the business.
  • Inappropriate content: in reviewing the businesses, there should not be any threats, harassment, hate speech, and any other display of bias.
  • Conflicts of interest: Biased participations are not acceptable; one should not write reviews on their own business, friends’ or relatives’ business, your competitors in your industry. Most importantly, Business owners should not ask customers to write reviews.
  • Copying: Do not copy content from other sites or users. You can write your own reviews, take your own pictures and videos.
  • Demanding Refund: One should not use removing or posting your review as a way to collect back payment from a business, regardless of whether you have been their customer.